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Would you like to have a customized painting? I will be happy to work with you, as my time allows. I have done commissions for pets, flowers and farm animals. I am open to most subjects that bring you joy. 

* A high-resolution digital photo, with sufficient light and contrast. 
* Adequate time margin to get it done - depending upon time and subject, the paintings take 10 to 40 hours to complete. Keep in mind September - December fills up quickly. 
* 50% down when I start the painting; 50% down upon delivery
* Advance agreements on painting specifics

You get:
* A painting you will cherish that is created especially for you!
* Satisfaction guaranteed. I will refund the deposit if you are not happy with the results.
* Your painting will be completed within the requested time frame barring unforeseen emergencies. 

Estimated price range:
$200 to $800, depending upon size and detail. Sizes begin at 8 x 11. The largest I have painted to date is 18 x 24

Please reach out to me directly with any requests. 

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