Welcome to my shop!

Let's get acquainted ~

I have been painting in earnest since 2017, after years of dabbling here and there in artistic endeavors. My favorite mode is watercolor realism, though not all my art fits squarely into that category. My standard process is to select a subject that really resonates with me and turn it into a painting. Realism paintings are not a speedy process, but the pay-off is wonderful. I find it to be quite meditative and therapeutic. 

Wonder, hope and joy

So much of my subject matter comes from nature as it elicits wonder. To me, wonder ignites hope and joy.

My studio

I paint in my home office space which is a quiet corner that functions as my studio. I run this small business from that same little room.


I enjoy painting commissions on a limited basis. This is me holding a friend's pink cockatoo, which I painted as Christmas gift for her husband. 


Just for fun

On occasion an image is so joyful that it begs to be painted. My friends Connie and Tim had just such a photo which I turned into a celebration of a great memory. 

Card Making

Many of my paintings become greeting cards. It's quite a hands-on task for me. I have the painting professionally scanned. My giclee prints and card prints are done at that same print shop. I trim the card prints and fix them to high-quality card forms made from watercolor paper. 


I enjoy participating in group and solo art shows, which are normally scheduled intermittently throughout the year. If you leave me your email address, you'll receive notice of these shows and events. 

The Process...

This was the first original painting I did in watercolor realism following several weeks of tutorials and much practice. This painting took me about 40 hours to complete. I'm a little faster these days, thankfully. Most of my paintings of this size take around 25 hours.